Still Parking for Public Transit at Murrieta Wal-Mart

by: Nicholas Ventrone, Community Engagement Director

Back in the beginning of April, "Public Parking Prohibited" signs were posted at the parking lot entrances to Sam Walton's discount department store in Murrieta. Reading the signs from a literal standpoint meant customers only were allowed access; no more commuter parking.

However, 2 1/2 months later, I was able to confirm that commuters are still able to utilize the parking lot during the day for the RTA CommuterLink bus stop located at the Murrieta Wal-Mart without fear of towing, at least for now. I saw this myself. In addition, I was able to get some information locally. To be clear, I don't like using unidentified anonymous sources as facts for this blog as I don't want you the reader thinking I made this stuff up.

So to back up this confirmation, I went over to this location just after 5AM in the morning and saw for myself that scores of commuters are still allowed to park along the outer areas of the lot to catch the bus and the private vanpools. This is 75 days after the parking restriction signs went up. That being said, it appears to be business as usual.

It would be wise for public officals to keep the riding public in the loop, look for and secure an official designated Park & Ride location for the Murrieta area, and improve and streamline parking access for the Promenade Mall Mobility Hub stop. Southwest Riverside County has a robust workforce. Most of them commute long distances. We need infrastructure so that they can leave their cars at a secure lot and board one of these HOV's to and from work.


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