About Us

The Transit Coalition is a dedicated, grassroots, all-volunteer organization that advocates a balance between many transportation modes. Our interest is in improving bus, Metrolink rail, intercity rail, light rail, bike, airport access, goods movement, physically challenged access, and automobile transportation in Southern California.

What Issues Do We Advocate?

Short term: We work with representatives from local and regional transportation agencies, elected officials and community members to improve the quality of the existing rail and bus systems such as hours and frequencies of service, working facilities and improved signage. We mobilize interested groups and individuals to ask agencies and officials for added transit service and increased efficiency with operating and capital funds.

Long Term: We work with political officials and staffers to support major transit improvements and identify possible sources of funds. We examine myths, spun ideology, misinformation and misperceptions and rebut them using straight facts and evidence.


  1. Wish you group would join Southwest Chapter of Transportation Now at their next meeting July 26, 2017 at Backyard Bottleshop and Taproom in Murrieta. You can contact Eric Ustation Government Affairs Manager Riverside Transit Agency for an agenda. They can use your input


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