Rail & Bus

The Transit Coalition works to develop a safe, integrated, cost effective and environmentally sound public transportation system for the greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire region.

Regional Rail - Since its inception in 1992, Metrolink has provided commuters a regional alternative to freeway traffic and long drives to work. Today, The Transit Coalition works to improve existing service and is mobilizing to increase service regionwide with the Metrolink MAX campaign.

The Bus Stops Here - The Riverside Transit Agency and Omnitrans cover a sprawling area of the Inland Empire with Local, Rapid, and Express bus transit services. In addition, municipal providers all over the region like SunLine Transit, Corona Cruiser and Pass Transit feed into the transit system.

Our efforts at education and outreach highlight congestion relief opportunities and mobility alternatives that will allow the area to move forward to reach full potential as a dynamic, culturally advanced and livable world-class region.