Transportation Tips: Support the needy through a non-profit

Photo: Riverside Transit Agency
This non-profit sector shuttle bus actually used to be part of the RTA bus network which the agency donated to Health to Hope Clinics in Riverside.
Photo: Riverside Transit Agency

By: Nicholas Ventrone, Community Engagement Director

A charity organization based in Riverside took ownership of a small retired Riverside Transit Agency bus as part of of RTA's vehicle donation program. The program networks non-profit groups with the agency where buses that have exceed their recommended service life but remain in good condition are donated to the non-profit sector.

Health to Hope Clinics is a federally funded primary care medical outreach organization dedicated to serving homeless individuals and families in Riverside County regardless if the patient can afford to pay the bill. It is powered by volunteer professionals in the medical field and donations.

Health to Hope and the non-profit sector do a tremendous job in ensuring that the poor and needy of our region are taken care of. I belong to a number of non-profits and their programs for people in need are absolutely amazing, ranging from local programs to international outreach. Through its vehicle donation program, RTA has provided a huge contribution to the homeless through the non-profit sector. A robust market economy will give non-profits the resources to expand as donations will go up. By the way, I've noticed some more uptick in the local economy as I'm seeing more adolescents taking the entry-level positions at places like McDonald's, Wal-Mart, and Target than I saw last year as older adults are either moving up or moving on to better paying jobs. More on that a later time. If you feel inclined to help the region's homeless population yourself, consider donating to organizations like Health to Hope or other non-profits to ensure that your kindness to these needy people does not get squandered or misspent on substance abuse, the drug trade or gambling.

By the way, don't forget to include The Transit Coalition on your charity list. We rely on donations too to pay for our campaigns and their continued operations. As you may know, The Transit Coalition is a dedicated, grassroots, all-volunteer organization that advocates a balance between many transportation modes. Our interest is fact-based and focuses on improving regional rail, urban rapid transit, bus, bike, airport access, goods movement, physically challenged access, and private automobile transportation in Southern California. Our A Better Inland Empire project focuses on local matters here at home and you readers and the transit riders are the backbone of it. Please continue to support and follow us.