Travel Safely this Easter Sunday!

Families from all over the world will gather together this weekend to celebrate Easter Sunday. If you are traveling this weekend throughout Southern California, here are some tips just for you:
  • The freeways will be busy, especially after dinner on Easter Sunday. Check the traffic reports before you hit the road. Allow an extra 30-45 minutes. Return trips from Southwest Riverside County back into Orange County between 8-10PM on Easter have historically been very tough, bumper-to-bumper from just north of Lake Elsinore all the way into Anaheim Hills. Since the holiday is very late in April this year and the fact that many schools will not be on Spring Break the following week, be sure to prepare for heavy conditions after the meal.
  • If your kids are going back to school the Monday after Easter, get everything ready for Monday before you head out for the Easter festivities so you can spend some extra time for the holiday and not stress on the way home. 
  • Churches and places of worship will be very active and busy. Allow sufficient time for parking. Get to the service at least 30 minutes before start time so you can get the most out of the services offered. If the house of worship is near a transit route and the line operates on Easter, consider using it.
  • Speaking of transit, if the place you’re headed to for Easter is near a train station or intercity bus terminal, see if taking the family aboard transit would work. See if an intercity provider is offering any last minute deals.
 Have a safe and happy Easter Sunday! We'll talk to you again on Earth Day, April 22!


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