sbX Bus Rapid Transit in the Media Spotlight

Omnitrans was placed heavily in the media spotlight, specifically on the sbX bus rapid transit project courtesy of a full front page headline and special reports on Sunday's Press Enterprise. The starting line would provide a speedy transit alternative along a major local corridor in San Bernardino. Currently, Omnitrans Route 2 serves the north/south E-Street corridor; however getting between the major destinations along the route is slow because its local stops are heavily used making longer distance bus trips slow. sbX will address this, emulating the Metro Orange Line through the higher density areas and Metro Rapid elsewhere. Much of the sbX debate now centers on whether choice riders would switch from their cars and use the bus and whether developers would be inclined to build and invest along the bus route with the abundance of street crime.

We'll analyze he detailed reporting, remarks from those interviewed, reader comments, and constructive criticism from skeptics later this week as officials have big plans to expand sbX all over San Bernardino County. Stay tuned and be sure to post any comments you may have about sbX here.