Veteran's Day Weekend Transportation Tip: Honor the service and sacrifice of Veterans

This week, we had a lot to express about high occupancy toll lanes and how high speed bus transit infrastructure can be integrated into them. We also will have much to analyze and opinion once the Riverside Transit Agency's updated Comprehensive Operational Analysis is finished. As a grassroots transit organization, we watch what our government agencies are doing and want nothing less than a first-rate transportation network, a clean and robust Inland Empire economy, and safe neighborhoods free from crime. We weed out the excuses from the facts to show you how we can bring about a Better Inland Empire.

We therefore need to remember not to take this freedom for granted by honoring what our troops fought and died for.

To this very day, it is illegal in many countries for individual advocacy groups and the public to question the government. The Founding Fathers were absolutely right in establishing our freedom to speak, express our opinions, and engage in robust debate. Several good folks from Moreno Valley, to Riverside, to Orange County have stepped up and spoken freely about topics ranging from logistics growth, to toll lanes, to the Riverside Reconnects streetcar proposal. This would not be possible had it not been for the men and women who died to give us the freedom to assemble and debate. Without them, The Transit Coalition and numerous independent transportation bloggers would not have this freedom.

This Veteran's Day weekend, take an hour and attend a Veteran's memorial service near you, or if you are unable to attend one, take a few moments and watch a televised or recorded service. Also, we would like to remind those who are traveling this weekend: Please remember to enjoy your alcoholic beverages wisely. If you are drinking, do not, under any circumstances, drive.