Transportation Tips: Check your change before heading to the bus stop

One bus transit issue that seems to annoy many people are cash paying riders who forget to bring their change only to find out they don't have the exact fare amount once at the farebox. This of course holds up the bus, something that is preventable with simple preparation. As regular riders well know, on-board transit bus fareboxes do not make change or take debit/credit cards.

We'll keep this week's transit tip short: If you're a cash paying patron, take 5-10 minutes, double check the one way and day pass fare charts by going to your transit agency's website or by calling the customer service telephone number published in many sources well before your bus trip. Have this money ready to go and make sure the dollar bills and coins are in good condition. Have a few extra quarters and dollar bills to spare. We understand that last minute circumstances come up; be prepared ahead of time. Put some extra change and dollar bills in a place of safekeeping, enough to get you a day pass should you need to transfer buses. The next time you need to take the bus, by preparing ahead of time, you won't be the one holding up the line.

Help keep our buses moving.