New website for A Better Inland Empire

The Transit Coalition's A Better Inland Empire project has a new website. We invite you to visit it and check out some of our Inland Empire campaign work. The web address,, and links to individual campaign pages and media files remain the same as the previous site, but the new site has an upgraded interface, is easier to navigate, less cluttered, interacts with social media sites and readers can post comments and questions directly to campaign pages.

The site includes:
  • Direct links to Inland Empire campaigns complete with more user features.
  • Readers of our campaigns will find it easier to post questions or comments, donate, and/or volunteer straight from these pages.
  • The project site now has direct links to government fact sheets and studies which provide the data for our campaigns.
  • Links to Transit Coalition blogs, discussion board, our Weekly e-Newsletter, and the option for readers to share their stories.
  • Link to ABIE's Facebook page and numerous ways for readers to "Like" or subscribe to Inland Empire happenings.

Your donations and volunteer service help us build up these campaigns to get Southern California moving. Please don't hesitate to make a contribution so that our work continues undisturbed.