The RTA route maps have become easier to understand

Photo: Riverside Transit Agency
Some time ago, about four years ago to be exact, The Transit Coalion in this report asked RTA to consider making their bus route maps published in the Ride Guide more complete and easier for an everyday rider to understand. Back then, we analyzed the graphical layout and design of the published bus route maps.

Including the freeways and major streets on the individual bus route maps certainly would make them more clearer to understand. We've noted that the bus agency adopted some of the suggestions we made back in 2009 for the September 2013 bus service change. See for yourself in the Ride Guide.

Other basic ideas that we've suggested to RTA in order to make the bus system more understandable includes the renumbering of the bus routes based on the type of route it is. Such a move won't break the bank and such a proposal was recommended back in 2007 through a comprehensive operational analysis study. Here's a potential route classification system with some example routes:

Conceptual RTA Bus Route numbering system with example routes:
Some of the example routes listed include lines that are conceptual or are RTA COA-recommended in 2007, but not in service. Do not use for RTA trip planning!

Local/Trunk Routes: 1-99
             Route 1 - Corona - Downtown Riverside - UCR local
             Route 16 - Downtown Riverside - Moreno Valley local
Community shuttles and circulators: 100-199
             Route 133 - Hemet Ladybug circulator
             Route 108 - Lake Elsinore Grand Avenue connector
Express Routes: 200-299
             Route 202 - Murrieta - Oceanside CommuterLink
             Route 206 - Temecula - Lake Elsinore - Corona CommuterLink
Inter-regional Connectors and Local+Express Hybrid Routes: 400-499
             Route 403 - Lake Elsinore - Corona - Eastvale
             Route 431 - Pass Area - Moreno Valley - Downtown Riverside
             Route 479 - Temecula - Hemet
Metrolink Station Rail Feeders and Special Routes: 600-699
             Route 650 - Downtown Riverside Jury Shuttle
             Route 651 - UC Riverside Crest Cruiser
             Route 655 - Harveston Trolley Shuttle
Limited Stop / Rapid: 700-799
             Route 701 - Corona - Downtown Riverside - UCR
             Route 716 - Downtown Riverside - UCR - Moreno Valley
             Route 719 - Moreno Valley - Perris
             Route 723 - Lake Elsinore - Temecula - Pechanga Resort
Rapid Express Service: 900-999
via 91 Express Lanes, San Diego County I-15 Express Lanes, and future RCTC I-15 High Occupancy Tolled Express Lanes
             Route 915 - Lake Elsinore - Corona - Fullerton
             Route 917 - Murrieta - Escondido - La Jolla
             Route 991 - Riverside Downtown - Corona - Anaheim ARTIC