Friday tips: Recyclables only in the Recycle Bin

The Transit Coalition is in a quest for a better Southern California advocating for the best transportation system in the Inland Empire second to none and a pollution free environment that is fit to live in. To combat pollution, citizens have long had the opportunity to recycle. Trash pick up companies offer recycle bins and dumpsters in conjunction with the regular garbage bins for both single family homes and larger establishments.

However, we have noted that in many residential areas, the recycle bin has been mistakenly used as a "dry waste" bin. That is, kitchen and bathroom trash may end up in the garbage; all other dry waste land in the recycle bin. The issue has been so problematic that trash companies have been cracking down on such errors by refusing to pick up such waste all together.

Please remember that trash companies only allow recyclable items to be placed in the recycle bin. Generally speaking, this includes cardboard, junk mail, newspapers, computer paper, glass bottles, soda cans, many plastics, and anything else with the recyclable symbol. While the list of recyclable waste continues to grow, remember that other dry waste such as torn carpet, scrap metal, most extruded polystyrene foam (aka. Styrofoam), broken dishware, light bulbs, electronics, window glass, and tires don't go into the recycle container. By doing your part, we can increase the productivity of those working to process recyclables which reduces costs. This allows us to further cut the amount of waste that gets disposed at Southern California landfills. That's a solution to a pollution-free environment.


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