Friday tips: Final call to get your opinion of RTA bus service into public record

Friday tips: If you haven't done so already, get your comments to RTA at (951) 565-5002 or email to no later than June 26. At the very least, your opinion will be part of the public record.

RTA Short Range Transit Plan 2014-2016 and FY2014 budget:

View the proposed 2014-2016 SRTP here.

RTA Dial-A-Ride No-Show policy changes:

RTA Title VI Policies and Plans:

RTA Route 210/220 bus stop changes:

Don't forget that if you have a legit and fact-based concern that you think is being overlooked by our government officials, please remember that you also have The Transit Coalition and RTA's Transportation NOW as outlets. As mentioned, TTC's positions are fact-based and led by independent concerned citizens without political spin. T-NOW is government led and provides an outlet for transit riders to voice suggestions to top officials. Both groups are vital to have your voice considered anytime. "Public hearings" never close here.

We have urged RTA once more to actually budget promised late night bus service, close transit gaps, make Southwest area bus routes more direct, work with RCTC for bus infrastructure for the planned high occupancy toll lanes for SR-91 and I-15, and for elected officials to clear the way for the private sector to improve express intercity transit options for the Inland freeway corridors between San Diego and Los Angeles with stops at existing and planned public transit hubs.

View The Transit  Coalition's comments to RTA here: