A powerful example of Intelligence-driven Law Enforcement aboard Riverside Transit

Wanted criminals who use public transit should beware. Their last stop could be the jailhouse.

The Riverside Transit Agency recently credited one of its bus drivers, Bob Owens, with helping law enforcement catch a suspected criminal involved in a felony violent robbery. RTA had posted "Wanted" flyers in a bus driver lounge; suspect Eric Cunningham was one of them. Owens identified Cunningham when the suspect boarded his bus in Riverside. Not doing anything that may cause Cunningham to flee such as using the radio or acting nervous, the bus driver remained calm. Once at a point where he could quietly converse with another bus driver, Owens makes his report in confidence; Cunningham is unaware that he's being watched.    

Once the bus reached the Galleria at Tyler bus transfer hub, police greeted Cunningham and completed the suspect's trip, a ride to jail. Public transit agencies could use more drivers like Owens to keep our streets and transit fleets safer. If all public transit agency drivers and security camera monitors are trained in basic intelligence-driven enforcement to recognize and catch wanted suspects without blowing the cover, public transportation may one day no longer be a safe means to run from a crime. This example shows that it is foolish for wanted criminals and at-large suspects to use public transportation; the bus may just take them straight to jail.