Protecting the people aboard public transit

News reports show that the American Public Transportation Association is advocating for better security protection aboard public transit to counter terrorism. Such advocacy follows a failed attempt by two terrorists of blowing up a passenger train in Toronto. It’s worth noting that The Transit Coalition works to develop a safe, integrated, cost effective and environmentally sound public transportation system for Southern California region. That would include ensuring protective measures are in place to keep our trains and buses as safe as possible while maintaining business-friendly policies for marketplace transit lines. As officials debate for solutions, the federal government must not forget about one major source of the problem. 

Unfortunately, we live in a world where a group of religious extremists believe they have a right to kill innocent people in order to serve their religion. Combating terrorism is going to require both protective measures from the state and federal level combined with religious leaders confronting extremists of their so-called religous duty to mass-murder innocent people. Until this happens, officials need to continue their debates for solutions. One form of intelligence-driven protection that works is bomb sniffing dogs which randomly check for suspicious items aboard vehicles and transit stations. Let’s not forget that we the transit rider must also continue to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities.