Productive Transit Service through Old Town Temecula

(4/1/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

The Transit Coalition is going to state this one more time: The bus routes running through Temecula and Murrieta need to be more direct, especially the transit lines running through Old Town Temecula. 

The City of Temecula is looking to improve public transportation options for its robust city center as numerous private sector lines, taxis and pedicabs serve the area. Talks are in place of establishing shuttles which would ferry passengers from the downtown's parking structure and public lots into the downtown core. Additional bus stops are also being conceived. Such service may work well. However, the city must not forget that streamlined public bus service under a hub-and-spoke model would also fare well for both Old Town and the connecting commercial arterial roads. Officials need to get serious of streamlining the region’s over-circuitous bus routes.