Friday Transportation Tips: Disabled Placard Abuse...Report it.

Disabled placard cheating in the name of convenience is a serious problem. Disabled parking spaces are designated for those who have a disability and require front parking; that is, those spots are a necessity for the disabled travelling by automobile. Non-disabled persons have no business using a disabled space which unfairly affects those who are disabled. Abuse of disabled placards by those who are not legally disabled has become widespread.

If you or somebody you live with has a disabled placard, remember that only the person of whom the placard was issued may use it to park in those blue parking spots. That is, he/she must be present. According to the DMV, it is illegal for a disabled person to give or lend his/her placard to another person. It is also illegal to use another person’s placard. 

Law enforcement agencies in the Bay Area have noticed that placard abuse is so bad that they have conducted placard checkpoints and undercover stings to catch placard cheaters. If you get caught, the fines can creep into the thousands of dollars plus placard confiscation. If you suspect placard abuse in your community, report it.