Across-the-Platform Connections Between Public Transit and Private Sector Intercity Carriers

The Transit Coalition uruges public officials to work with major intercity bus service providers like Greyhound Bus Lines and casino bus carriers for improved connections between these lines and local public transportation services at major transit centers and hubs. Currently, several private bus carriers stop to pick up and drop off passengers at points that are far from major public transit centers. Public officials should explore incentives and amenities so that private sector carriers would be inclined to use multi-modal transit centers and their adjacent streets as bus stops.

Private sector intercity bus service is vital for productive express bus service through suburban and rural areas where off-peak public express bus transit would otherwise not be feasible. By attracting carriers to transit centers, passengers will have seamless across-the-platform transfer connections between lines. In addition, coordinated service with streamlined fare and transfer agreements between operators can make both intercity bus travel and public bus service a more feasible transportation option at minimal costs to the taxpayer.

By setting policies that would allow private carriers to generate additional profits with the added ridership, Inland Empire bus riders would be given additional express intercity bus service options in a productive manner at centralized transit centers.