Friday Transportation Tips: Staying safe around the rails

Our public transit agencies work hard to ensure public safety around railroad tracks. Be a good patriot by following the tips below and be sure to teach them to your children:
  • Lives come first over trip times. Never attempt to go around or under whenever the crossing lift-gates are down. Don't put lives at risk by ignoring the train signals or cutting around the lowered lift-gates in the name of saving a couple of minutes.
  • Always wait for the lift-gates to rise before proceeding, even if the train has passed through; there may be second train coming.
  • Cross the railroad tracks at designated crossings only; don’t be the one caught trespassing or hopping the fence.
  • If you’re walking or riding a bicycle, look both ways before crossing over.
  • Public transit vehicles must completely stop and look both ways before crossing the tracks. If you see a transit or school bus driver failing to do this, report it.
  • Trains normally don’t blow their horns through “quiet zones”. Take that into consideration whenever you see a railroad crossing signal activated.
  • Never walk along the tracks or trespass into the rail right-of-way. Most trains extend at least three feet beyond each side of the tracks.