Friday Transportation Tips: Keeping the Drive-Thru moving

You see them at many fast food outlets, banks, and drug stores. Drive-throughs allow customers to patronize businesses without leaving their cars. It’s been a longtime convenience offered in the marketplace. Due to their high demand, businesses rely on quick customer turnaround times to keep their drive-through queues moving and services profitable. Also, the environment benefits whenever drive-throughs are not backed up with a bunch of stopped idling cars. More often than not, drive-through customers placing large orders tend to contribute toward the bottlenecks which often back up the queue. That’s where you can help.

Please consider sacrificing just a few minutes, park and walk in if you have any large orders or special needs that need to be filled. This may include:
  • Getting food for multiple people at the fast food restaurant.
  • Picking up a new prescription which would necessitate consultation at the pharmacy.
  • Conducting large or multiple transactions at the bank.
If you follow these guidelines and walk in instead of driving through whenever you have a lot to order, you can help keep the drive-throughs moving with fewer idling cars which pollute the air. In addition, you help the economy of the establishment by keeping their drive-through queue times down which in turn keeps their prices in check.