Friday Transportation Tips: How you can make bus travel enjoyable for everyone

Here are some basic guidelines while riding a public transit bus through the Inland Empire to make the ride safe and enjoyable for both you and everybody else:
  • Be at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before the bus is due to arrive.
  • If more than one bus route serves the bus stop, stand up and flag the driver to stop by raising your hand as your bus approaches; otherwise, if a different bus shows up and you're the only passenger waiting, wave to signal the driver to proceed.
  • Have your fare or pass ready by the time the bus arrives.
  • After you enter the bus, use the handrails as you head toward a seat as the bus may begin moving once all of the passengers have boarded.
  • Remain seated during your trip. If the bus is standing-room only, use the handrails.
  • Keep the center aisle clear.
  • Be courteous and offer your front row seat to senior citizens or those with disabilities.
  • Remember, eating, drinking, smoking, and loud noise is not allowed on public transit buses.
  • Vandalism is a crime. Report it. Don’t be the one caught defacing property.
  • Exit the bus through the rear door whenever possible. After the bus pulls away, use the designated crossings to cross the street. Don’t jaywalk.