Streamlining Circuitous Bus Routes

(2/20/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

The Transit Coalition has noted that several local bus routes in Riverside County are very circuitous. All one has to do is board such a route and ride it from one end to the other to witness a slow public bus “tour” of the region. Local bus riders can attest that circuitous bus routes are difficult to understand and use excessive resources since they have many loops and extensions. 

Streamlining the bus routes and making them more direct would avail much capital and financial resources while considerably shortening bus trip times. Bus routes which run through Eastvale, Murrieta, and Temecula together with the Corona Cruiser and Pass Transit systems are clear candidates for direct routing under a hub-and-spoke model. This would preserve the mobility, efficiency, and usefulness of the region's bus transit system by running direct service through high density commercial corridors between major transit hubs while continuing to provide circulator service through residential areas.