Late Night Bus Service through Old Town Temecula

(2/5/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

The Transit Coalition has conducted field studies in Old Town Temecula during the evening and late night hours. The area is very quiet on weeknights, but on most Friday and Saturday nights, this very walkable, transit-ready historic district is robustly active and alive, comparable to the Gas Lamp Quarter, Downtown Disney, and Hollywood Boulevard. Crowds of people fill the sidewalks and patronize numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels from sundown through midnight on weekend nights. Scores of taxi cabs and pedicabs can be seen roaming through the streets and parking lots. The same level of activity can be said for the Pechanga Resort five miles south of Old Town and a bowling alley a few miles to the north.

The last set of Riverside Transit Agency buses depart Old Town just before 7:00 pm on Friday and before 6:30 pm on Saturday. It is crystal clear that public bus transit service through this district and the Pechanga Resort continue through midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings given the amount of economic activity during the late night hours. Local officials should consider using some of the tax revenue generated to operate late night RTA bus departures. Such service will help combat dangerous drunk driving. Officials should tour Old Town on a Friday or Saturday night and find out for themselves.