Highway Shutdowns: It’s Life over Convenience

(2/13/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

When major highways get shut down by the police, there will be inconveniences for motorists. Yesterday afternoon (2/12/2013), armed police forces screened every motorist leaving the San Bernardino Mountains along each of the mountain highways which led to massive traffic delays. This was clearly to keep fugitive Christopher Dorner from escaping the area. People headed up the mountain were turned away. The afternoon manhunt, which was broadcasted live all over the nation, all afternoon, led to an evening fiery cabin inferno near Barton Flats.

The Transit Coalition wants to get Southern California moving, and police-related road closures often appear to do the exact opposite. However, with getting Southern California moving comes another fundamental American principle that must be respected: Life, liberty and the pursuit for happiness. If the police need to shut down roads to protect lives, that’s something all motorists need to accept. Sitting idle in traffic is an inconvenience, but when lives are at hand, such delays become meaningless.

Will you be willing to sacrifice some convenience so that life can be protected? Let’s continue to support law enforcement in their heroic efforts to save Southern California officers and the public from the cowardly acts of Dorner.