Friday Transportation Tips: Parking lot donation bins and charity

Scores of donation bins for clothing, books, shoes, and other small items have been showing up in Southern California parking lots over the last few years. Such bins are placed conveniently in commercial parking lots so that people can drive up and donate items while running errands.

Before you drop your items into any bin, be sure to read the fine print and see where your charity is headed. For-profit recyclers are preying on charitable patriots, collecting their donations and then selling them or their parts into the marketplace or even overseas. A small percentage actually goes to charity and virtually nothing is given back locally. Donated books never end up at the local library. The community sees no economic benefit.

If you’re planning on cleaning the house and donating items, be sure you are contributing toward a known non-profit charity which supports the needy locally. Legit groups such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society also have collection points or bins in a parking lot near you. Even if your donation is sold, all net revenue after expenses are turned over to local charities. If you've got books to donate, most libraries will accept your donations during regular hours. While you’re on the road, give back. Be a patriot. Watch for those who may use your charity for their own profit.


  1. Donating to charity has many benefits that impact different people .It can help family in need and also offer financial benefits. Donating a charity will simply make you feel good.

    Knights of Columbus Carl Anderson


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