Enjoy the big game, drive sober, and report drunk driving.

(2/1/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. That means plenty of good times, football excitement, and of course, cocktails and drinks. Just a friendly reminder: If you are planning on breaking open a few beers, wine, or any other alcoholic beverage this Sunday, do not, under any circumstances, drive. DUI laws will be strictly enforced over the weekend. Sobriety checkpoints will be set up all throughout Southern California.

During the 2012 Christmas season from December 14th – January 1st, three people were reportedly killed in Riverside County alone due to DUI’s. That is down from five deaths from the 2011 season, but that is still three deaths too many. Freely choosing to consume alcohol and later drive under the influence is pure foolishness and hazardous to everybody else driving the roads. Such actions directly obstruct the mission of The Transit Coalition of moving Southern California. Anybody guilty of making our highways dangerous by driving under the influence of alcohol must be held accountable.

California has some of the heaviest penalties for drunk driving, and since approximately 200,000 suspected drunk drivers in the state are busted per year, all of us should consider stepping up and fighting back this weekend. Save a life, take advantage of the state’s Designated Driver Program, and if you should see a drunk driver, call 911. 

Remember the wise words from our National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: Drive sober or get pulled over