An innovative Perris must be economically robust

(1/30/13) – IE Transit Talking Points Short

Bus riders headed to jobs throughout the City of Perris will be delighted to see some additional bus shelters with solar-powered lighting built for the major bus stops around the city. Officials tout that these shelters will collect solar energy to power both the shelter lighting as well as nearby traffic signals, thus potentially saving the city some bucks on its electric bill. 

Perris Council member Mark Yarbrough sees the solar bus shelters as an example of bringing forth innovation to the city, but as good as these shelters are for the riding public going to work by bus, the best innovative ideas originate from robust jobs from the private marketplace. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment in Perris is a staggering 17.9%. 

The Perris City Council may therefore want to consider designating areas within the central city grid as specific plans and offer incentives to get some private sector manufacturing, logistics, and other service-oriented jobs developed to sustain productive public bus transit service and to truly foster innovative ideas in the city. Combating high unemployment needs to be a priority.