Mission & Future Vision

The Transit Coalition is a broad based group of concerned citizens mobilized to passionately demonstrate community support for the economic development and continuing operation of improved transportation.


The Transit Coalition works to develop a safe, integrated, cost effective and environmentally sound public transportation system for the greater Los Angeles and Inland Empire region. The Transit Coalition realizes that government must not only look at the tangible cost of running and building a public transportation network, but also the intangible benefits that such a system provides, such as better health, less pollution, reasonable travel time, ease of use, coordinated schedules with a minimum amount of transferring between routes. Our efforts at education and outreach highlight congestion relief opportunities and mobility alternatives that will allow the area to move forward to reach full potential as a dynamic, culturally advanced and livable world-class region.

We Support:
  • Improving existing Inland Empire transit services.

  • A first-rate multi-modal transportation network within the Inland Empire and surrounding regions.

  • Improving the productivity of public transportation agencies to speed up transit trips, eliminate unnecessary costs, and streamline operations.

  • Coordinated transportation planning and service operations between public agencies and services provided by the private sector.

  • Growth and development that supports multi-modal transportation modes in addition to private automobile travel with policies supporting safer communities.

  • Business-friendly policies and incentives to encourage the private sector to contribute toward better mobility and robust employment, both needed to generate a market economy necessary to sustain a sound public transportation system.